Application Process

The East Lothian Investment Ltd. Fund Application process is as follows:

  1.  Expression of Interest
  2. Successful EOI applicants complete Full Application Stage
  3. Successful Applicants receive Loan Award Offer 

Expression of Interest 

The deadline for this round of funding was Friday 23rd February. We are now closed for Expressions of Interest. 

To express interest on behalf of your business in obtaining a loan from the fund, please complete the EOI form below and submit via email to 

Download an Expression of Interest form here: Expression of Interest Form

Following assessment of your EOI by our fund manager, you will receive notification of the outcome via email.

Potential EOI outcomes:

  • Successful EOI with invitation to proceed to full application stage 
  • Unsuccessful EOI with feedback/rationale

 Communication of your outcome is expected by mid-March.

Full Application 

Applicants who are invited to proceed to the full application stage will be required to complete the application checklist below and submit this alongside the documentation and evidence set out in the checklist via email.

Download an Application Checklist here: Application Checklist

Please note, if there has been a material change to your business plan, you will be required to update your EOI form and re-submit alongside completion of the above checklist during the full application stage. A material change may include (but is not limited to) the following circumstances:

  • A change to your projected cash-flow forecast and/or P&L >5%
  • A change to your strategic plan/project plans
  • A change to the allocation of project costs across spend categories
  • A change to the other funding sources section
  • Any planning/building warrant impacts subsequent to the EOI submission

For support in determining whether a change is material or not, please contact us with details at where we will advise accordingly.

Full application stage potential outcomes:

  • Approved
  • Partial approval (at a reduced amount or amended term)
  • Deferral (to request further information)
  • Unsuccessful

Key Dates

  • EOI submission deadline Friday 23rd February 2024
  • EOI outcomes communicated by mid March
  • Loan Award outcomes communicated end of March

Eligibility Criteria

  • The business operation must be located or have headquarters within East Lothian 
  •  Individual (sole traders/partnerships) applicants must be 18 years old or over 
  • The Borrower must meet all legal requirements and regulations which relate to the operation of the business 
  • The loan cannot be used for the purpose of buying company shares, buying out members of a partnership, replacing existing loan and overdraft facilities, use the funds for illegal purposes or financing interest payments on other loans. 

Please note, eligibility criteria can be changed at ELI Ltd. Board of Directors discretion. 

Credit Checks

The following references and checks will be made with each application:

  • Check of outstanding debts (personal or business) with East Lothian Council and related bodies
  • Checks to ensure that the business complies with planning and building control regulations and any other statutory requirements
  • Credit reference agency checks 

Please contact  if you require support with your application.